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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hola a Todos!!!

I invited you to visit www.sacurrent.com. It is the site of my new column "Mex in Manhattan" that appears twice a month in the "San Antonio Current" newspaper.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Hasta pronto,



(Search under columns for "Mex in Manhattan")

Feel free to forward the column to friends and familia!!!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Hola and Happy Friday!!!

I am excited to report that on Monday, February 12th, I will be guest hosting on a great national radio show called "The Radio Ritas".

You can find more info by going to this link:


I will be guest hosting with the incredible, funny, and wonderful Maureen Langan. Hope you get to tune in!!!

I found a great way to reconnect with our cultura and get even more gordito.

Check around with your familia and get hold of an old, tried-and-true-but-long-forgotten family recipe.

Consult an older relative about the receta and BRING IT BACK TO LIFE.

Your cocina will fill with the delicious aromas of the past and bring back a flood of childhood memories.

Calabacita con pollo, menudo, pan de polvo...bring back el pasado and help younger family members connect with their roots in a tasty, memorable, and fun way.

Chalupa Rule for Today: Keep the past alive and well... resurrect a family recipe.

Hasta Pronto!!!

Sin mas,


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hola Amigos!

Welcome once again to Chalupa Chat.

I've been busy producing, writing, and hosting segments for KLRN Television's "A Place of Our Own" series.


I am learning so much about preparing young children under the age of five for school.

The program is bilingual and really reaches out to caregivers in non-traditional daycare (homes, relatives, neighbors).

At some point or another in our childhood, I think we all fell into that categoria.

One topic we covered is the issue of television viewing. How much should children watch?

The answer may surprise you. On average, studies show that U.S. children view about four hours of television a day!

They should be watching no more than one-and-a-half horas a day. Maximum!

In addition, parents/grownups/caregivers should make a real effort to watch television with their children and interact with them as they view their programas favoritos.

Analisa Barrera, a workshop presenter for KLRN's "Early On" Program, says we should all take advantage of a television station's program guide and create a T.V. watching menu for our kids.

Television can be a powerful learning tool for our children. But, it's a tool we need to use carefully, taking advice from los expertos in order to create a wonderful learning environment.

Hasta Pronto Amigos!!!

Sin mas,



Spanish version : 1/29/07

English version 1/30/07

Monday, January 29, 2007

Buenos Dias!!!

Hope everyone is doing great.

Today marks the resumption of Chalupa Chat.

Some updates, primero. I am currently producing and hosting a series of stories for KLRN Television (San Antonio, Texas).

These local reports are for their national show called "A Place of Our Own/Los Ninos en su Casa"

The stories are specially designed for caregivers in non-traditional daycare situations so they can better prepare their children for school.

The bilingual programs are an excellent way to find out about health, nutrition, and exercise and I hope you get to watch Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon.


I am very excited to report that my book, "The Chalupa Rules" continues to prompt wonderful e-mails and responses from readers all over the country. Mil Gracias for that a todos ustedes!!!

Also, look for the February edition of "Scene in S.A." monthly magazine. In this special issue, I tell of the story of growing up on the South Side of San Antonio.

In the days to come I will resume posting samples of Chalupa Rules and insights into life as a Latino en los Estados Unidos.

So come, join me. These contributions are in English but contain enough self-translating Spanish that you can learn a new language along the way!

Hasta Manana!!!

Sin mas,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hola Amigos!!!

Long time no talk.

Lots of exciting changes and updates to report coming up as the Chalupa Chat resumes on Monday January 29th!!!

See you then,

Sin mas,


Thursday, October 06, 2005


Ojala y todos esten muy bien. Que rica nuestra celebracion de la Herencia Hispana. Les quiero recordar, especialmente durante esta temporada, que no se les olvide el valor de la educacion.

Hope everyone is doing great! Hispanic Heritage Month is going great!!!

With that in mind, I would like to share today's "Chalupa Rule" with you.



The desire to learn new things and explore new ideas should continue beyond graduation.
School should be in session for the rest of your life.

Keep your love of learning alive and share it with others.

Learn something new just for the fun of it. Take guitar lessons; learn French. Don't worry about what others think. Learn for the joy of learning.

El deseo de aprender algo nuevo debe de continuar por el resto de su vida. Mantenga la pasion para la educacion para siempre y compartela con otros.

Tome clases de guitarra o frances. No se preocupe sobre el "que diran."
Aprenda algo nuevo solo por el gusto y placer de aprender.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hola! Hope everyone is doing great today. Hispanic Heritage Month is going strong across the country.
A special Saludo! to our Amigos at Pfizer, Inc. I was keynote speaker yesterday for their Hispanic Heritage celebracion.
They are very involved in promoting their multi-cultural environment and sensitivity to Latino issues.
Felicidades! The Chalupa Rules is always proud and excited to highlight businesses that are culturally aware.
Let me know if there are companies you think deserve a Chalupa Rules Abrazo! award.
Chalupa Rule of the Day:
From: "The Chalupa Rules" (Plume Books)
The Shrimp that Falls Asleep is Swept Away by the Current.
This proverb can be found on the back of playing cards related to the traditonal Mexican game of Loteria (or Chalupa as we called it in South Texas.)
Is your life filled with unreturned phone calls and opportunities you ignore? Perhaps you are just floating along in life instead of swimming vigorously toward every wonderful possiblity that comes your way. Don't fall asleep in the waters of good fortune and potential. If you do, the current will simply sweep you away.
Camaron Que Se Duerme Se Lo Lleva la corriente.
Este dicho tradicional se puede encontrar en las barajas del juego tradicional Mexicano, La Loteria.
Esta to vida llena de mensajes telefonicos los cuales no has devuelto? Estas simplemente flotando en el agua de la vida en vez de estar activamente nadando en la direccion de posibilidad y oportunidad?
No te duermas en el mar de la buena fortuna. Si te duermes te llevara la corriente.
Adelante Amigos!
Saludos y un Gran Abrazo!!!

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